LAM32 minimumMAXIMUM wins 2020 darc Awards

02 August 2021

Lam32’s minimumMAXIMUM product range wins the International [d]arc awards 2020 prize for best exterior lighting fixture!

The minimumMAXIMUM collection was born from the need to create something really new to give character to public and private open spaces around the world.

Thanks to collaboration with the Italian lighting designers Francesco Lannone and Serena Tellini, Lam32 have created the minimumMAXIMUM range.

Present in everything in nature and interpreted by Leonardo Da Vinci, during the Renaissance it influenced many world-famous artists and architects who proportioned their works according to the Golden Ratio.

The Ratio is in fact manifested in various works of art that have been praised by the world as unique and timeless masterpieces.

Every good designer always sees their work clearly in their mind and need the right tools to realise it.

The “modularity” of this collection allows the realisation of infinity lighting compositions
in full respect of the different cultures in the world.

minimumMAXIMUM interprets the spirit of the times and represents to all intents and purposes a true ‘Lego system’ for the skilled hands of lighting designers all over the world.

Luminaire with a clean line is able to enhance in the best way the different outdoor contexts where it is installed. Made in 5 different sizes that allow their combination in compositions with perfectly uniform light. Their great load resistance and the possibility to install them in water up to 1m of depth make the series luminaires the ideal solution for large aggregation spaces.





Lam32’s minimumMAXIMUM is available to order in Australia via Verbatim Lighting. For more information, please contact your Verbatim lighting Account Manager or contact us:

Ph: +61 (03) 9790 8999
Fax: +61 (03) 9790 8911

Written by Verbatim Lighting on August, 02 2021
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