Aspen Street Light

Product Code: LL7A

The Aspen range of area lights provide a highly efficient lighting solution for car parks, walkways, courtyards and other outdoor areas. Thanks to a variety of mounting options, available wattages and lighting distributions it can be configured to suit most requirements. Its efficient heat sink design allows for a small and modern housing shape while ensuring excellent heat dissipation. An optional photocell allows for automated switching. Comes standard with a 60mm adjustable mounting bracket.
Delivering operational excellence it’s a product with distinction providing illumination in line with need whilst preventing unwanted light spillage to surrounding areas. Designed specifically for its application it’s truly fit for purpose.
Whether it’s a private carpark, driveway or small arena sports area such as tennis or bocce, the Shoebox provides illumination for a myriad of opportunities.
Its IP65 modular construction, mounting variations and wide range of power options they replace and enhance upon the facility provided by their predecessor the HID lamp.