Linear Q Battens Weatherproof Gen 3

Product Code: LL4LQ3

There’s Weatherproof, and then there’s Linear-Q Gen 3 Weatherproof. Linear-Q Gen 3 Weatherproof Battens are part of the Lumex Tough Team.
They are weatherproof, dust proof and vandal resistant. Great for exterior areas exposed to the weather and other adverse conditions, where safety and security makes reliability a must.
Weatherproof battens are an important component of any commercial lighting specification, whether for the parking areas, service areas, or for safety and security.
These are often the type of fixtures that are working for long hours, often 24/7. These are the type of applications that really benefit form the low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements of quality LED products.  The Weatherproof Linear-Q Gen 3 is Haccp certified to be used in food handling facilities.
But Lumex has not been content to insert the standard LED replacement tubes in a weatherproof fixture. Linear Weatherproof use a driver separate to the tube, allowing it to be larger and better suited to commercial applications. This truly commercial design also allows Lumex to continue to extend its renown 7 year warranty to this range*.

*Refer to Warranty document under Resources & Support for terms & conditions.


• Range: 16W up to 35W
• Dual wattage – 1200mm version
• Up to 150lm/W
• Tri Colour (4000K, 5000K, 6000K)
• Colour rendering CRI>80
• LM80 projected LED lifetime L70 @85°C >60,000 hours
• Frosted diffuser, Beam angle 120º
• Grey Vandal Resistant Body
• Quick-mount clip together assembly
• Stainless Steel Clips
• IP65 and IK08 Rating
• Flicker Free
• 1-10V dimming capability as standard
• Casambi available on request
• Motion Sensing Versions available with optional Remote control
• Emergency options available

• Combined Motion Sensing and Emergency versions available
(1200mm version only)
• Seven year warranty*

Our Linear Q Gen3 WeatherProof has been upgraded to 150lm/W and is suitable for use in almost all outdoor and indoor areas. It can easily replace single and double fluorescent tubes and comes with flicker free driver to provide a comfortable lighting environment.

Environment and Safety
Linear Q Gen3 WeatherProof has been made environmentally friendly with no glass to break, no dangerous chemicals, and no risk from exposed voltages.


*Seven year warranty is based on maximum usage of 35,000hrs, Motion Sensing version is 5 years warranty based on 25,000hrs and Emergency. See warranty documents under Resources & Support for more details.


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