• Verbatim Lighting

    Experienced specialists in designing, manufacturing and distributing retail and commercial lighting solutions.

  • Verde Outdoor Spotlights

    Illuminating outdoor spaces, including gardens, landscaped areas and architectural features.

  • DALI Drivers

    Paving the way for intelligent lighting and eco-conscious decisions

Product Spotlight

Forlite Teso Pro Z

High CRI and a tight colour consistency provides a high quality lighting result to compliment any architectural project plus the Pro Z has an option for wirelessly controlled adjustable beam angles.

Forlite Artere Axis 23

The Axis 23 bends horizontally and vertically, allowing complex irregular shapes. It is available in static white colours, tunable white, RGBW and pixel RGBW.

Forlite Float Round

The Float Round series offers a minimalistic, low profile circular design suitable for large indoor spaces. It can be ceiling, wall mounted or suspended.

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