Lastest Projects

  • Roll’d

    Verbatim Lighting was used to supply to the Gold Coat Airport for the fit-out for Roll’d. Compact and low-cost yet […]
  • Liv. Eat

    Verbatim Lighting was used to supply to the Gold Coat Airport for the fit-out for Liv.Eat. Compact and low-cost yet […]
  • St Joseph’s College, Brisbane

    The St Joseph’s College required a different approach to pool lighting due to the low ceiling. Situated under the school reception and courts, the lighting needed to be mounted above the pool to achieve consistent levels. The solution was to use semi-recessed SV1.0 IP66extrusions mounted within the ceiling slats with quick-connects and through-wiring to facilitate maintenance at the end of life. To ensure long life and alleviate the need to replace canisters the LED boards were dimmed down to a low level.
  • Queensland Rail

    Survivor Lighting is the standard for lighting public spaces, with installations at most Queensland Rail sites across Brisbane. Excellent longevity, very high resilience to vandalisation, quick installation and extremely quick maintenance are hallmarks of Survivor and means that QR can minimize public disruption or upgrade over time. Survivor Lighting can create custom lengths and bends and is Australian manufactured.
  • Griffith University Webb Gallery, Brisbane

    The gallery needed a space that was completely flexible so we worked with them to create the perfect solution; the Teso Pro with Casambi Bluetooth control, one option with an adjustable lens from 15° up to 60° and the second option with an elliptical wall-wash optic. By mixing and matching the adjustable and wall-wash optics the gallery has the flexibility to perfectly light any creation. Artwork: Title: Propagate Artists: Nellie Peoples and Sharon Peoples

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