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Verbatim Lighting was chosen as a supplier of lighting for the renovation of a place of worship in Brisbane. The project involved the replacement of 76 outdated fluorescent light fittings with modern LED panels equipped with Casambi drivers. The project aimed to improve the lighting quality, energy efficiency, and control options for the church, all while working within the constraints of a 10-meter ceiling height and the need for specialised equipment to navigate through standard height fire doors.

This comprehensive solution not only addressed the venue’s lighting issues but also provided them with greater control over lighting levels and the ability to create customised scenes for various activities and events. the use of Casambi drivers allowed for full luminaire and scene control without re-wiring or additional back of house components. The project showcased the benefits of energy-efficient LED technology and advanced control systems in enhancing both aesthetics and functionality in a place of worship.


Start Date: July 2023

Completion Date: August 2023

Project Type: Church Refurb

Location: Brisbane, QLD



The church’s lighting system consisted of old 600mm x 600mm fluorescent fixtures that had become increasingly unreliable, with many of them no longer functioning due to the high cost of replacing the fluorescent tubes. To address the lighting issues, the project involved removing the outdated fluorescent fixtures and replacing them with Verbatim 600 x 600 LED panels. These modern LED panels offer significant energy savings, longer lifespan, and improved lighting quality compared to traditional fluorescent lights.

To enhance control and flexibility, Casambi drivers were installed alongside the new LED panels. These drivers allowed for full dimming functionality, enabling the church to adjust the lighting levels as needed for different events and activities. Instead of completely rewiring the entire ceiling, the Casambi drivers provided a cost-effective way to achieve the desired lighting control without extensive rewiring and structural modifications. One of the key advantages of using Casambi drivers was the ability to create customised lighting scenes. This feature allowed the church to set specific lighting presets based on their requirements, such as bright lighting for services, dimmed lighting for gatherings, or accent lighting for special events.

The LED lighting upgrade significantly improved the overall lighting quality within the church. The new LED panels provided more uniform illumination and reduced glare, creating a more inviting and comfortable environment for worshipers.

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